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A Value adding analysis

Monday, October 26th, 2009

A colleague of mine Kevin tweeted a URL about Agile Software Development.

Whilst agile software is smart, I realised there is broadly 2 types of activities in your company. 2 sorts of activities that you can spend your time on.

The first, is those things you activities think you need to do. Like write software documentation (in the case of agile software). But the documentation costs time and money, and is generally costly, and if you think about the value its delivering is small.

The manifesto says ‘working software’ is better than documentation. So perhaps if you spend more time on better software, you can waste less on other support costs. Like, did you ever read a manual to using google search ? How about picking up a manual to Microsoft excel ? enough said.

I think this idea can be extended to many areas of business. A bit more time spent on design, planning. And less time spent on running the business.

A better product, or a more streamlined business practices, means spending less time and money on more wasteful activities.