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Change is accelerating – what are your plans to keep pace

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Its easy to sit back, and let the world change outside.

Within your walls of your company and family – your world isn’t changing.

But perhaps your customer’s world is changing.

Very definately your kids world is changing.

You need to be fired up about change, as change is the new mandate.

You should hear what Obama is saying … He’s tearing down virtual walls by appearing on arab TV. Obama is getting rid of Guantonomo Bay. Both of these are symbols of integration and peace. A big change from the US stance of scare and hate.

Change – what change …..

Get fired up about change, its impact, and the opportunity it allows. This youtube video should really get you fired.

more honours students in india – than the US has kids

I can’t help but feel the move to everything digital and online. I need to grab my piece of online.

I also previously blogged about change – more about business and business models than people.

What are your views on change ?

What are you doing about change ?