Simplify your marketing, make it real

November 29th, 2010 byScott Farrell

Marketing is the make or break of most businesses. Don’t think about it as an activity, an action, a thing-to-do, a campaign.

Think about your new clients, what are they doing, thinking about, talking about. How can you help those people ? What is the conversation you would have with them ?

Understand where your new clients are at mentally, physically, emotionally. Understand their needs, wants, desires. Take your business TO THEM, fit in with them, include them, reach out to them, welcome them, talk to them.

Work out where you can intersect their lives. What message will you bring to them at what time.

Even if every day you just journal those types of thoughts, experiences, ideas. Talk to existing clients, and potential clients, not to sell or market, just to understand them.

After a time your better understanding will lead to better marketing.


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