path to web2 deployment

October 23rd, 2009 byScott Farrell

Business won’t invest in something they don’t understand. So why would they invest in web2, if they are currently doing a poor job of web2.

There is a huge gap in understanding of web2 capabilities and tools.

There is really no use talking about web2, without making to relevent to business.

A current client and I are working together, to better understand relevance of web2 for their business.

So far our business strategy is going to use web2 to:
– leverage existing assets
– those assets are : your projects, your current users,  your volunteers, any marketing efforts, including offline and google adbuys
– web2 is going to be the big bucket to catch all the interest we generate. instead of catching individual drips in our hands, we are going to use a big bucket.

So a large part of the strategy is to engage more visitors, and do something with the warm leads. If they aren’t ready to buy, lets offer other avenues to stay in touch.

now what we do with the interest we collect in the web2 bucket
– think of it like having a big paddle to swirl the water in the bucket, to generate more activity in there
– the ideas are limitless in web2, as to what tools to use, and what can be achieved
– you need to first dream the dream

So bringing it back to leveraging existing business, and capturing more value, brings the relevance back to business.


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  1. This goes with making the value leap for the client. Brilliant work.